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Why Love Tokusatsu Doesn’t Participate in April Fools Day

Every April Fools Day, Love Tokusatsu (formerly Daisuki Toku) announces that the site will go on hiatus for a few days. This is because of the difference in time zones when many companies and websites begin their “April Fools” pranks.

In 2017, a few months after the site began, I agreed to participate in an April Fools prank from an indie tokusatsu creator. I didn’t know the company well at the time but agreed. This prank caused hurt and confusion, especially since the news came before April 1st, which made many believe the “news.”

I sincerely apologize for participating in this prank, as it caused many not to believe the content we post. The original source is always posted at the end of the article. The site has been accused of only posting “clickbait” or “fake news” and that was never my intention, although I understand how that conclusion was made.

My goal for Love Tokusatsu has always been for two reasons (1) use the site as translation practice and (2) share translated tokusatsu content with others.

Since then, I have been approached again to participate in April Fools Day, but have always declined. However, since I don’t know many in the tokusatsu community, I continued to help this creator with media coverage. That included news of their crowdfunding project and an in-depth interview.

In 2019, I was contacted and informed that this creator has hurt many within the tokusatsu community. Upon learning more, I completely cut ties with them and removed all previous coverage.

With full transparency, I donated* $25 towards helping their indie tokusatsu movie come to life. Though I regret this decision, I could not get the donation back. In turn, I have donated to other causes. Since then, I have donated $75 towards a local firefighter charity that helps burn victims and also $50 for food banks, with more donations in the future.

*Note: Love Tokusatsu rarely receives donations and had no active patrons. I am the only person who provides translations and performs other site maintenance. I also fund the site out of my own money and time. We are not affiliated nor receiving funding from Toei or Bandai Namco.

Again, I choose not to participate in April Fools Day content because of the poor decisions I made when first creating the site. I’m very sorry to those who were hurt or mislead by the prank, especially at a sensitive time where media, in general, has lost the trust of so many.

Love Tokusatsu accepts everyone and will not stand by hateful or harmful content. “LOVE” is in our name! I just want to make clear that since that year, we will not participate in pranks, especially ones that could hurt or upset others.

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