Ultraman and 14 Other Characters Appear in New Google AR Search

Starting on April 20 in Japan, 14 different popular Japanese characters will appear in the AR function of Google Seach. The added characters include properties such as Sanrio, Ultraman, Gundam, Evangelion, and more.

Using the new AR feature is easy. Search for the character on your smartphone, then tap “View 3D’ to see the character within the 3D search results. The character can also be rotated and magnified within your surroundings on the screen. Turning up the volume will activate sounds from the characters.

The AR characters included in this update are Ultraman, Ultraman Zero, Belial, Gomora, Odysseus Gundam, Xi Gundam, Penelope Gundam, Evangelion Unit 01, Pacman, Hello Kitty, Cogimyun, Pompompurin, Little Twin Stars, and Taiko no Tatsujin.

On Android, users can use the Google app or any Android browser, search for the character in Google search, then tap 3D view. Any ARCore supported devices can easily explore all of the characters using the 3D mode carousel view.

iOS users can search from the Google app or on Google Search through Chrome or Safari. 3D and AR content is only available on iOS 11 Plus and newer devices.

Users can share their creations using the #Google3D and #Google検索AR hashtags on social media.

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