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Remembering Tokusatu Actress Yoko Kiku of Suki Suki Majosensei 50 Years Later

The Kamen Rider series celebrated its 50th anniversary on April 3, 2021. In 1971, many popular tokusatsu shows made their debut. Toei released Kamen Rider, while Tsubaraya Production released the Return of Ultraman. Other shows included Mirrorman and Spectreman, which were all popular with children at the time.

While superheroes and monsters rose in popularity, a unique tokusatsu show aimed at girls was also launched called Suki Suki Majosensei. The show made its debut in October 1971 and is known as “the first Japanese tokusatsu superheroine series.”

Similar to Kamen Rider, Suki Suki Majosensei was an original work created by Shotaro Ishinomori. The show starred Yoko Kiku (full name Yoko Kikuchi) as Hikaru Tsuki, an alien Princess from the Andromeda galaxy, who was living with an Earthling. She transforms into a heroine called Andro Mask to fight evil.

The show’s popularity is unknown, as it ended after 26 episodes, which was shorter than other works at the time. Tokusatsu shows starring women in the lead role were rare at the time, so it had many fans.

However, Suki Suki Majosensei was known for a tragic incident that occurred on April 29, 1975. The lead actress, Kiku, was murdered by a male actor, Yojiro Fujizawa, whom she was dating at the time. Fujizawa previously appeared in Kamen Rider (1971) and Kamen Rider V3 in limited roles.

Kiku’s success upset Fujizawa. The motivation behind the killing was that Fujizawa was jealous. After the broadcast of Suki Suki Majosensei, Kiku went on to perform in other dramas and was rising in fame as a promising young actress. Meanwhile, Fujizawa was almost unknown and in comparison, was making much less income than Kiku.

The fatal incident occurred around 3 AM on April 29. Kiku was on the phone speaking to her father. They discussed that Fujizawa was planning to come to her condo to propose, but she wanted to refuse. Her father advised her to refuse if she didn’t want to. After speaking for a while, she asked him to give her a wake-up call at 9 AM the next morning, then hung up. She had told him she would be on time for her performance in a few hours.

Fujizawa believed that she found someone else and was cheating on him. At the time, there were rumors that she was also dating Shotaro Ishinomori. While Kiku was trying to explain the misunderstanding, the situation became heated. Fujizawa strangled Kiku with a telephone cord, which led to her death.

Mr. Kiku called at 9 AM, as requested, but there was no answer. Since he had a key, he went to her apartment, then Kiku’s father found her lying on her back in bed with strangulation marks on her neck. He immediately called the police, where they soon arrived at the scene.

After the murder, Fujizawa got into a car, driving away to escape the scene. However, Fujizawa was seriously injured in a car accident, possibly because he was upset, and was apprehended by police. Fujizawa was then arrested on murder charges. He later admitted his crime.

Children watching Suki Suki Majosensei were shocked by the sudden news. Suki Suki Majosensei hasn’t been spoken about in decades, and the series has not been revived. Now it can be viewed presently on DVD and online on the Toei Tokusatsu World Official channel. (Note: The channel currently has episodes 3-8 marked as “Private.”)

Official synopsis:
“The cool, beautiful Hikaru Tsuki shows up at Tozai Academy’s elementary school as a new teacher one day. But her true identity is that of a Peacekeeper—and princess!—from the planet Alpha, dispatched to Earth by the Andromeda Branch of the Space Alliance. She secretly investigates the earthlings while living among them under her assumed identity. Aside from her research, she uses the mystical powers of her Moonlight Ring to help the people around her with their problems. With her guidance, even sworn enemies turn into friends—but her eagerness to help sometimes leads to even more trouble! Joining her in her journey are an ensemble of zany, outlandish characters, including her assistant Baru, and the many monsters and oddball villains who regularly show up to wreak havoc!”

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