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Toy Hospital Event Included Kamen Rider Toy “Patient”

An event called the “Toy Hospital” was held on May 23 at the Utsunomiya Municipal South Library. Volunteers repaired broken toys for free.

The repairs were done by members of the Mibu Toy Hospital, which was founded in 1997. The group included 21 people between their 40s and 80s, which included electronics store owners and former toy designers. A toy doctor and PR officer for the hospital sad that “I hope you know, if you repair it, you can use it, and you will take good care fo it.”

This is the second time the event was held at the library. About 30 toys were brought in, including music boxes and RC Toys, for repaid.

A third-year 17-year-old student from the TBC Academy Utsunomiya High School brought in a limited edition Kamen Rider toy for repair. It was a difficult repair that took two hours to complete. Afterward, the student said they were satisfied with the repair work.

The event is planned to occur every other month, with the next planned for July.

Article Sources The Yomiuri Shimbun

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