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Kamen Rider’s Hiroshi Fujioka Calls For Safer Railways In “Railway Violence Prevention” Campaign

Starting on July 9, 2021, 91 domestic railway companies will unveil their joint campaign aimed at preventing violence on the railways.

Hiroshi Fujioka, who starred as Takeshi Hondo/Kamen Rider, is featured as the main star of a series of “Violence Prevention” posters. On the posters, Fujioka explains how it’s wrong to attack others on trains and that assault is a crime. These posters will be posted in station yards and trains.

Each company across Japan will work together for the prevention of violence against railway staff and other train passengers.

The number of violent incidents in 2020 decreased from 204. This is a decline from 2019, where the number of recorded incidents was 377. This may have decreased due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Japan also worked to place more awareness posters, install security cameras inside and outside of train cars, hire security guards, and train staff. Violence on trains has continued to decrease over the years, but the campaign hopes to eradicate the issue.

The campaign will last for two months and end on September 8.

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